Who is Velo MicroAdventures?

Our mission is to share a richness of adventure and life locally on two wheels.


The creation of Velo MicroAdventures began slowly simmering on the back burner in 2014 to form the paradigm of local bike camping adventures, with an emphasis on being as environmentally sustainable as possible. We search for local destinations in the surrounding areas outside of Eugene, Oregon, finding unique destinations to explore and camp at while creating connections with like-minded people – all the while working to reduce our carbon footprint.

We aren’t bike racers, we are people who feel the process of getting to the destination should be a mindful one, taking in the sights and sounds of the journey.  We’re offering hyper local bike camping microadventures. Overnight, mid week and weekend bikepacking trips through semi remote and scenic tracts of land that can be reached typically in 4-5 hours by bike year around is our primary focus. Our trips start and finish in Eugene, Oregon all while enjoying unique meals made in camp from seasonal, locally sourced organic ingredients around the campfire.   Keeping our adventures small and local provides a way to connect with others and to disconnect from the hectic world we live in while at the same time, limiting our impact on the environment and supporting the local economy.

We’re excited to show you what the surrounding destinations we have found has to offer. We want to inspire. To ignite that fire to get away, to call in sick, and nurture the inner desire to explore.

We have become a society with our noses buried in status updates and our butts planted in front of ever invading digital technology.  Along the way, we have forgotten what it feels like to be alive. We have forgotten what falling rain smells like, the feel of cool wind in our faces, the sound of a forest stream softly lulling us to sleep in the pitch black of the night in camp and soft early morning light with a hot beverage in hand, quietly observing nature and how it can imprint each of these experiences in our memories.

Nature is an amazing teacher – she is continuously changing, growing right outside our window, waiting to be experienced again.

Cliff Etzel

Cliff Etzel

Cliff Etzel

Cliff has over 30 years’ experience as a professional photographer & multimedia journalist  working in diverse genre’s as photojournalism, editorial, portraiture and producing documentary and small business profile videos for clients such as Ford Motor Company, American Express, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Oregonian Media Group, Yelp, Zillow which are but a partial list of past and current clients.

Let’s just say he wanted to branch out from the day to day grind of work and try something unique and different. His love for Porteur and mixed road surface bikes, tweed, vintage and minimalist camping coalesced into founding Velo MicroAdventures as a result of coming across Alastair Humphreys who coined the term MicroAdventure.

Among other things, he’s a Certified Master Recycler, which transformed his way of doing business and living his life dramatically. Combine human powered transportation, a love of nature, saving the planet and documenting his and others experiences while creating memories from microadventures and you have a perfect storm for starting a brand that is unique.

Cliff lives in Eugene, Oregon.