Experience Local Bicycle Adventures, Available Now


Monthly Fall Creek Area Velo MicroAdventures

We’re leading once a month overnight bike camping trips above Fall Creek Reservoir that will take us to one of the campgrounds along upper Fall Creek above the Reservoir.


Changing Seasons Velo MicroAdventures

The changing of the seasons is a time to reflect on the previous 3 months of our lives.  Join us as we lead 4 trips a year to celebrate the changing of the season.  Make a commitment to yourself to experience all 4 seasons with us at Velo MicroAdventures.

Bike Fishing Trips

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Each of these trips offers an easy and enjoyable way to escape from our hectic daily lives and provide time to experience a taste of wilderness within a few hours ride.

Food always seems to taste better while camping, the exercise in fresh air offers a better night sleep and the experience of getting to our destination to spend the night seems to bring a level of satisfaction at having made the effort to get there.

Give yourself a much needed break. Come join us as we offer these affordable microadventures by bike. You may be surprised at what you experience.